About this program

This program generates a discussion document based on an URL you provide and your choice of requirements.

While a great many requirements can be checked and a variety of results can be returned, some requirements cannot be automatically checked and will require a human assessment.

Also, sometimes a requirement may receive a pass/warning/fail result, but the result may be wrong and there are sometimes good reasons why this is the case.

That is why these results are intended as a discussion document, to encourage people to look at that their web pages contain.

The results are not a guarantee of accessibility or usability.

This program is open-source and can be freely downloaded and distributed. Please refer to the license for details.

The project is hosted at SourceForge and can be downloaded here

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Please email geoff@accessware.co.nz with feedback you have.


The vast, vast majority of code here was written by myself, Geoff Munn. Specifically, the HTML and CSS parsers, plus most of the associated functions.

Kudos to 3months.com for hosting a mirror

Special thanks to Rowan Smith for testing it and uncovering some really 'interesting' issues and suggestions.

Thanks to the following people and organisations:

  • The W3, for their HTML documentation and HTML validator
  • Blooberry, for an absolutely brilliant CSS reference
  • HTML Help for their HTML reference
  • This guy for a handy absolute URL converter
  • Juicy Studio for info about CSS specificity
  • Microsoft, for their very comprehensive MSDN library
  • Snoopy for the very handy Snoopy project
  • E.govt.nz for (eventually) releasing the Web Standards & Recommendations
  • Unfortunately Paul for the tabindex article
  • Famfamfam for the icons in the WAI report
  • Icon King for the Nuvola icon theme
  • Silvestre for the Dropline Neu icon theme
  • You probably don't care, but this validator was written on a Powerbook G4 running OS X.